Either if you are a product centric company looking or already in the journey towards servitization, or if you are a pure service company, we would be interested to talk to you and explore your opportunities. Contact us and we can schedule a free consultation session.


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Every company selling a product most likely have departments dedicated to customer service, field support, and other supporting areas.  These areas do not have to be passive operational but they can become active and direct source of recurring business, smoothing out unstable revenue peaks and valleys, generating new sales leads and stimulate customer retention. We have experience setting up and running business with that kind of dynamics, and we are here to help put in place the processes, technologies and people interactions that would in this way produce happy customers, sustained revenue and maximum productivity of the resources utilized. The strengths developed  would become then a foundation to a servitized business model if that is what makes sense to do strategically.


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An inefficient operation can have a very detrimental impact one the bottom line of companies that deliver services as their core business. Every penny wasted in operational inefficiencies is money that could go to your bottom line or that could be invested in value creation and differentiation. We help service companies to ensure optimum utilization of the human resources, minimization of waste in the usage of materials and tools,. excellence in planning & scheduling, smart and cost effective use of technology. All of the above will create happy and loyal employees and customers which in the service business represent the main drivers of growth and profit.