Our Philosophy

As competition intensifies and your product becomes closer to be a commodity, the basis of competition shifts from features, to reliability to convenience and further from there to price. The risk of disruption ramps up and evolving from a product-centric business model to a bundled product-service one becomes increasingly important. With that though comes a shift in paradigm and it is important to understand:

  1. Your are not selling products anymore, are selling OUTCOMES.

  2. Revenue lifecycles become longer and more costly,...therefore you must sell and deliver EFFICIENTLY.

  3. Success is all about CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT,...customer success now comes from a well synchronized enterprise that involves multiple moving parts of your organization.

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About Rigoberto Moreno

Rigoberto Moreno is a Mechanical Engineer-MBA with over 23 years of experience in both the service business and the development of digital technologies. From successfully starting up service businesses and operations in different countries to directing the global efforts of a multinational corporation in this area, Rigoberto has accumulated valuable experience through the whole curve of evolution that goes from product-centric business models to one that bundles both products and services. Rigoberto has also played leadership roles managing digital technology development and manufacturing centers deployed globally , using that same technology to leverage success in the journey towards Servitization.