Our Skills Matrix

Our testing services team has deep testing expertise through our E-commerce domain knowledge, experience and technical proficiencies. 
Our career test consultants bring in the independent verification and validation perspective. We have significant experience in areas of test optimization such as test automation, test frameworks and non-functional requirements validation that are critical to high quality E-commerce deployments. Our test accelerators such as Selenium Based Open Source Test Automation Framework, API Test Automation Framework and Performance Testing Framework help compress the test life cycle significantly. 

Additional benefits can be gained through our robust QA metrics, dashboards and QA cockpit views so that accurate release decisions can be made. 

UI and User Experience Testing: 

In-house frameworks, toolkits and checklists to perform automated UI validation across OEMs, Browsers and O/S.

Holiday Readiness Testing: 

Pay per use performance testing model improving application performance and assuring 90th percentile response times in standard reporting.

PCI Preparedness: 

Pre-defined checklists that enable preparedness of E-commerce portals for PCI DSS certification. Threat models and test execution are done by Certified Ethical Hackers.