Our Skills Matrix

Apache JMeter:

Java desktop application for load testing and performance measurement. 


BlazeMeter is a JMeter compatible, self-service, load testing platform for websites, web apps, mobile and databases, supporting any user scenario. Scalable load up to 200,000 concurrent simulated browser users from across eight geographical locations. Can also be used for integration and functional testing. 


Blitz is a service for load and performance testing of websites, mobile, web apps and REST APIs in the cloud. It allows to simulate up to 50,000 simultaneous virtual users from different worldwide locations. 


Cloud-based load and performance testing for mobile and web applications. Free and licensed versions available. 


JVM application with scenarios as code and portable HTML reports.


Cloud based load testing service for developers to test performance and scalability with their web applications and APIs. 


Performance testing tool primarily used for executing large numbers of tests (or a large number of virtual users) concurrently. Can be used for unit and integration testing as well. Free and Licensed versions available. 

Load Test (included with SOAtest):

Performance testing tool that verifies functionality and performance under load. Supports SOAtest tests, JUnits, lightweight socket-based components. Detects concurrency issues. 


Cross-platform load testing tool, targeted mainly at web services. Integrates with soapUI. 

Login VSI:

Performance testing software for Windows based virtualized desktops by simulating user workloads. Licensed. 


Load testing tool for web and mobile applications. Load can be generated from local agents or from the cloud. Licensed. 


Open source web load/stress testing application, licensed under the Gnu GPL. Utilizes a distributed software architecture based on CORBA. OpenSTA binaries available for Windows. Rational Performance Tester- Eclipse based large scale performance testing tool primarily used for executing large volume performance tests to measure system response time for server based applications. Licensed. 


Utility to HTTP-HTTPS load test and benchmark web servers; can stress one URL or read many URLs into memory and stress them concurrently. Supports basic authentication, cookies, HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. 

Silk Performer:

Application performance tool with cloud and local virtual agents. Supports most protocols and applications. 

Test Studio:

Test Studio is a load testing tool that enables you to get a better understanding of how your website would perform if visited by a large number of users at the same time, thus helping you assess if your web apps meet business needs for availability and user satisfaction. 

Visual Studio Ultimate edition:

Visual Studio Ultimate edition includes a load test tool which enables a developer to execute a variety of tests (web, unit etc) with a combination of configurations to simulate real user load. 


Load testing tool for web and mobile applications including Web Dashboard for performance test analysis. Used for large-scale loads which can be generated also from the cloud.