Key Offerings

Our expertise team use robot framework for testing python code and also implement in variety of testing tasks, including: 

  • RESTful API testing
  • SOAP service testing
  • Website testing
  • Database testing
  • Desktop application testing
  • Mobile application testing (with selenium and 3rd party drivers)
  • Unit and integration testing 
  • Manual testing - scenarios can be written as if they were automated, they can prompt the user rather than perform a task.

The configuration simplifies writing test cases by offering tunable configurations for different aspects of test suites that can be automatically updated or edited via a GUI. 

Writing Test Cases:

Moving on to the test cases, Robot has all its test cases in tables. We save them either in HTML or table-separated value (TSV) files. 


Managing Test Cases:

There are several ways in which we organize test cases in Robot Framework. Test cases are made into test suites, which are sets of test cases, taken either from single or multiple files. Another key feature of Robot is test case tagging. Each tag (e.g. critical, quick) assigns a test case to a separate set. When executing, we run the tests based on tags, like “critical” and “quick”.