Key Offerings

Jasmine Unit test covers JavaScript logic with tests using Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). As it is integrated with AngularJS; it also can be used with other frameworks such as ScrewUnit, JSSpec, JSpec, and RSpec. Our Testing methodologies with Jasmine presents an efficient and convenient way to cover the code for Testing during early development life cycle such as: 


  • Creating new JavaScript unit test projects, which can refer to other web projects in the work-space to discover JavaScript files and artifacts that can be unit tested.
  • Adding unit testing support to existing web projects.
  • Using Jasmine framework as testing run-time. RAD now bundles Jasmine to offer the Always-Present out-of-the-box experience. Here user can use any Jasmine version. Just need to specify the path to the library and RAD would do the rest to use and include it in the project.
  • Creating test files based on Jasmine spec structure. These test files can refer any JavaScript file in the work-space.
  • Using the standard JavaScript Development Tools already present in RAD to either discover JavaScript functions or create test code from the templates available.
  • Creating Test runners and discovering the test files as well in the same test project or spanning in different projects across the work-space. This test runner creation wizard adds the required artifacts to quickly run the tests as soon as the test runner is created.
  • Whether user is using static or dynamic web projects, He/She can deploy the unit test application to Web Preview server, WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile or full profile etc.
  • Sharing the test projects with other developers and version it using a SCM, such as Rational Team Concert or Git.