Provide healthcare to your patients when and where they want it. With SightCall Teleconsultation for Heathcare certified medical professionals can give patients another option to receive care.

Perform vital check-ups and care at anytime from anywhere. Don’t change the way you work. For each consultation simply decide if they are office or remote meetings. The confirmation message received by the patients includes a link for the patient to be automatically placed into your virtual waiting room at the time and date of the consultation. Meet patients with a single click.

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Adapting to a value-based service model, managing the economic dynamics of local markets, sustaining market share, health reforms, increased cost and lower reimbursements are the major challenges faced by healthcare providers and payers. 
We have ample knowledge and experience in providing healthcare testing services wiith in-depth understanding of the domain specific regulations in the healthcare industry and technical acumen across multiple software platforms to offer independent third-party QA & Testing services. 
The utility of software in healthcare delivery is hinged on its quality and predictability. This is where QA & Testing of healthcare applications takes a very high precedence. While offering our expert services, we also adhere to all the required regulatory mandate compliance standards like HL7, HIPAA and ICD-10.