Digital Knowledge Management

Theoretical lectures & training for real time manufacturing assemblies is now, an old era concept. Thanks to VR/AR, Now we can simulate real life like training & can also monitor & understand trainee’s behavior  in different situation. We enable a staged approach that allows the students to gain proficient first on digitally simulated environments, identify specific areas of improvement and analyze the performance of the trainee in just one click.

AR and VR Training Approach.png

The technology

We make use Digital technologies like augmented and virtual reality, the cloud and others to ensure that your program is always a real representation of the challenges the employees will find in the field.  We also enable the use of remote instructors so the program as a wide outreach regardless of the physical location of the instructor.  This saves money and time.  The technology also enables safety since you would not putting inexperienced employees in the field before they are ready.

Programme Management Training.png

program hosting & sustaining

We host the program in the cloud, making sure it is accessible, secure, reliable and ever green.