Augmented Reality Powered Video Assistance

Field service

SightCall reverses the traditional field service model where expertise was in the field, by making expertise available to the field remotely.

When a tech cannot finalize a repair, by simply clicking the Video Expertise button in their Field Service App will connect to a central or field expert.

When a customer is having an issue, a field tech can use remote guidance to implement a quick fix or identify missing parts or complications to ensure the onsite visit will be effective.

customer service

Imagine how faster customer service agents could solve issues if they could see the problem without even leaving their desks. 

lndividuals can share their mobile camera to provide a complete view of the situation or problem. Customer Service Agents can pause live feeds, highlight issues, point out key items, and even directly open supporting documentation on the customer’s device to come to a resolution more efficiently than ever before.

claims & warranties

Now your customers can show damage in real-time and file claims faster and more accurately than ever before.

Give agents an eye on location through customers’ mobile devices.

Individuals can share their mobile camera to provide a complete view of the situation or problem. Claim Adjusters can pause live video feeds, highlight issues, point out key items, save images to the customer’s claim and even directly open and file claim documentation on the customer’s device.



Provide healthcare to your patients when and where they want it. With SightCall Teleconsultation for Heathcare certified medical professionals can give patients another option to receive care.

Perform vital check-ups and care at anytime from anywhere. Don’t change the way you work. For each consultation simply decide if they are office or remote meetings. The confirmation message received by the patients includes a link for the patient to be automatically placed into your virtual waiting room at the time and date of the consultation. Meet patients with a single click.


sightcall for salesforce service cloud

Give your agents the ability to see what your customers see. Increase productivity and throughput in your call center. By using live visual interactions you enable your customer to show what’s wrong and help your agents to quickly resolves issues. Close claims faster and solve more problems by bringing your expert support agents closer to the problem.

Guiding the customer through the solution significantly reduces the odds of a re-occurrence.

Unlike other video calling solutions that require a herd of developers to install and maintain, SightCall Visual Support Agent can be installed by a Salesforce System Admin right from the Salesforce AppExchange.

sightcall for zendesk

In this fast paced world, your customers’ expectations regarding quality of service are constantly growing. Customers demand immediate response, personalized service and quick resolution of issues. Visual Support for Zendesk provides customer support team with the ability to engage their customers in a way that increases satisfaction and enhances the overall customer experience. It will allow your agents to communicate more effectively with their customers, form stronger customer engagement and ultimately bring more loyalty to your company.